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IP Address

Tempest2run a posted Jul 31, 12


Tempest2run a posted Jul 30, 12
1. Do not Disrespect Admins.
They work hard at their job.
2. Do not Disrespect Owners.
We work hard to produce the server and website for you. So Don't Disrespect Grim, Temp, or Mjackson or Automatic BAN.
3. Do not Spam.
We hate Spammers. We will automatically Jail you for Spam.
4. Do not use Hacked Clients.
Survivors work hard. Don't use hacked clients to cheat. It's just wrong.
5. Do Not Grief.
We hate griefers. Don't destroy someone's well spent on stuff. Looting is allowed, however.
6.Do Not Argue.
We hate it when people argue. It's unnecessary.
7. Have Fun!
Have Fun everyone!
Failure to Follow These Rules Will Result In
1. Warning.
2. Kick
3. 10 minute ban
4. 20 minute ban
5. 1 hour ban
6. 10 hour ban
7. 24 Hour Ban
8. One Week Ban
9. Two Weeks Ban.
10. Ban Forever
11. If you come in using a different person after you're banned, IP Ban.

Welcome to Mineception!

Tempest2run a posted Jul 27, 12
Welcome to Mineception! One of the coolest server up to date! The IP Is

This module is not available
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